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The Miraculous Bible

2005 Lloyd Kinder


I voted for Buchanan in 2000. He opposes imperialist war and free trade for the rich and hes pro-life, a real conservative. See www.theamericancause.org. Researching, writing and editing this book have opened my eyes a bit and I don't mean that lightly. I've long had a tendency to distrust our leaders, apparently because, while growing up I often heard statements like "The white man worships the almighty dollar." That particular statement used to perplex me, because we're 5th generation German-English Americans, about as white as they come. Then I found out later that our family is also partly of Osage Indian descent. That put a new light on things.

So Rom. 13:1 didn't set so well with me, when I started contemplating it for mention in this book. That's the main passage that some "authorities" like to translate as "Obey the powers that be." I was thinking initially that this verse seems to stand in the way of ending societal abusiveness. It felt a bit frustrating to imagine giving deference to, or showing approval of, dictators and tyrants. I did and still do feel that the passage is only referring to God and his ministers, who do his will, but the passage goes on to suggest that such leaders are chosen by God. I stopped to imagine if tyrants might be chosen by God too. I've long felt that nearly all of the high-level political leaders are actually chosen by society's so-called upper-class, who seem to hold nearly all the cards in worldly matters. But then, after a little thought, it didn't seem so absurd to suppose that God may be the one who really does choose leaders in the final analysis, even if they're devils like Hitler or Stalin.

My attitude initially was one of sort of wanting to resist the seemingly overwhelming evil that the apparently largely evil upper-class seems intent on foisting upon Americans and people everywhere. But in seeing more clearly that God really has everything in hand, the sense of the burden of resistance has given way more or less to a feeling that this work is an imperfect collaboration with the really good higher powers [God and angels] and the people and forces of God. Numerous Friends have long said that there is that of God in everyone, suggesting that our efforts are even more inevitable of success, since that of God in everyone is on our side. And by efforts I mean efforts to spread God's Word of Love. Because that of God is in everyone, God can choose anyone to be our leaders, but, having free will, leaders choose for themselves whether to follow that of God in them, or that of self/satan. After all, everyone also probably has that of satan in us as well. And within each of ourselves is where our battle, our Armageddon, is really decided.

I thank all of the writers who contributed articles for this book and the one after this, many by way of lewrockwell.com. I thank those who provided assistance with ideas etc. And I thank that of God in everyone who listens to our message in this book. This book is only part of an ongoing effort to increase dialog for peace and happiness for all.
Aloha. Lloyd Kinder


by Lloyd Kinder

God Proves the Bible [See

God proves the bible in the original Hebrew and Greek languages by his amazing supernatural intelligent design. James Trimm has shown that the New Testament was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic, instead of Greek, but the Greek version has this miraculous numeric pattern.

Ivan Panin was an agnostic Russian revolutionary, born in 1855, who was expelled from the country. He moved to Germany and then to the U.S., eventually becoming a Harvard professor. He was a mathematician and, while studying the bible in 1890, he began to find a mathematical pattern in the bible that was not random or accidental, but could only have been designed intentionally by someone of supernatural intelligence. This intelligence could be that of God, or of angels, if they have such intelligence. It could not be of man, because the design is so complex, that it would have taken a supercomputer by some estimates at least a thousand years to accomplish. And no supercomputers were likely available before the 20th century. Panin became convinced that the superhuman intelligent numeric design of the bible was of God.

Keith Newman said Panin was reading the Greek version of the first verse of the Book of John, which says: "... the word was with the God and the word was God." He wondered why God was referred to first as "the God" and second only as "God." Then he discovered that this created a numerical pattern based on exact multiples of the number seven in the text.

After studying the bible extensively Panin found that the same pattern occurs throughout the bible in both the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament. This convinced him of the existence of God, because of the obvious superhuman intelligence required to compose such complex writing patterns, and he became a converted Christian. He devoted over 40 years of the rest of his life to this study and he wrote several books, including his corrected Greek New Testament. [See: www.bereanpublishers.com/Apologetics/Book_Info_On_Ivan_Panin.htm - Bible Numerics: The Works of Ivan Panin.]

Here is an example of the heptadic pattern [multiples of sevens] in the bible in the first 17 verses of the Book of Matthew, which covers the Genealogy of Jesus. In this passage only one occurrence of each word is counted.
[1] The number of words which are nouns is 56 = 7 x 8.
[2] The Greek article "the" occurs here more than any other word: 56 times: 7 x 8.
[3] The number of different forms of the word "the" is 7.
[4] There are two main sections in the passage: verse 1-11 and 12-17. In the first main section, the number of Greek vocabulary words used is 49 = 7 x 7.
[5] Of these 49 words, The number of those beginning with a vowel is 28 = 7 x 4. The number of words beginning with a consonant is 21 = 7 x 3.
[6] The total number of letters in these 49 words is 266 = 7 x 38.
[7] The number of vowels among these 266 letters is 140 = 7 x 20. The number of consonants is 126 = 7 x 18.
[8] Of these 49 words, the number of words which occur more than once is 35 = 7 x 5. The number of words occurring only once is 14 = 7 x 2.
[9] The number of words which occur in only one form is 42 = 7 x 6. The number of words appearing in more than one form is also 7.
[10] The number of the 49 Greek vocabulary words which are nouns is 42 = 7 x 6. The number of words which are not nouns is 7.
[11] Of the nouns, 35 are proper names: 7x5.
[12] These 35 names are used 63 times: 7x9.
[13] The number of male names is 28: 7x4. The number which are not male names is 7.
[14] These male names occur 56 times : 7x8.
[15] Three women are mentioned-Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth. The number of Greek letters in these three names is 14 = 7 x 2.
[16] The number of compound nouns in the passage is 7.
[17] The number of Greek letters in these 7 nouns is 49 = 7 x 7.
[18] Only one city is named in this passage, Babylon, which in Greek contains 7 letters.

Anyone interested in checking this can find the original Hebrew and Greek language of the Bible at www.blueletterbible.org/index.html, as well as other versions in English.

Both Hebrew and Greek letters are also used as numbers and the numerical values of the text of the bible are also multiples of seven. This makes the text still more complex and miraculous. For example, the numeric values of the 72 words [not counting the same word twice] of the above passage add up to 42,364 = 7 x 6,052. The 72 words have 90 forms in all, since some have more than one form. The sum of the numeric values of the letters of the 90 forms is 54,075 = 7 x 7,725.

Another remarkable fact is that there are words in this passage that don't occur anywhere else in the bible that have the same heptadic pattern. These exclusive words occur 42 times (7 x 6), but only in this passage, and they have 126 letters (7 x 18). And still more remarkable, all of the books of the New Testament have other exclusive words with the same heptadic patterns.

How can this be? Even if Matthew and the other authors of the New Testament intentionally composed their books of the bible with these heptadic patterns, how would they know which words would be exclusive to their own books? Some or all of the writers would have had to know what was going to be written in each other's book, before they completed each book.

For similar facts about the Old Testament, see www.biblebelievers.org.au/panin2.htm. The first verse of Genesis, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" is analyzed and is shown to contain over 30 different patterns of multiples of seven.

Even physical reality may have similar numerical patterns, created by God. Golgotha, for example, the place where Jesus was crucified, has an elevation of 777 meters above sea level.


More of God's Proof of the Bible [See

Del Washburn and others have gone beyond Panin's findings and have found other extraordinary numerical patterns in the bible. These involve finding the numeric values of all letters of the original Greek and Hebrew words in particular phrases, which are found to have multiples of particular numbers associated with phrases on the same subject. Phrases involving FISH, for example, are usually multiples of 153. Those that concern the birth of Jesus are multiples of 111. Those that concern evil are multiples of 18, having the same additive value as 180, which suggests 180 degrees, meaning going backwards, or in the wrong direction. The odds against such phrases being so consistently associated with particular theomatic numbers and with such accuracy by chance, i.e. without supernatural intelligent design, is obviously astronomical to the extreme. They're comparable to the odds that living creatures evolved from non-living chemicals without any intelligent involvement, or the odds that the universe came into being and continues to exist without intelligent design.

Following are sample phrases on the same three subjects with the multiples of their typical numbers.
Sample Bible phrases involving FISH
153 x 8 = FISHES
153 x 8 = THE NET
153 x 14 = FISHERS OF MEN

Sample phrases involving the birth of JESUS
111 x 8 = JESUS --- [Mat. 1:16]
111 x 12 = CHRIST
111 x 49 = THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST THUS WAS --- [Mat. 1:18]
111 x 28 = HER BEGOTTEN OF THE SPIRIT, IS HOLY --- [Mat. 1:20]
111 x 8 = HER BEGOTTEN
111 x 11 = AND SHE WILL BEAR A SON --- [Mat. 1:21]
111 x 24 = SHE BORE A SON AND CALLED HIS NAME --- [Mat. 1:25]
111 x 8 = JESUS
Another 43 examples are listed at

Sample phrases concerning EVIL
18 x 20 = THE SERPENT --- [Gen. 3:1]
18 x 20 = SATAN --- [1 Chr. 21:1]
18 x 220 = THE SERPENT OF OLD CALLED --- [Rev. 12:9]
18 x 50 = AND INCITED DAVID --- [1Chr21:1]
18 x 50 = AND SATAN CAME ALSO AMONG THEM --- [Job1:6]
18 x 50 = AND SAID, FROM ROAMING IN THE EARTH --- [Job1:7]
18 x 144 = WALKS ABOUT SEEKING WHOM --- [1 Pet. 3:5] HE MAY DEVOUR
18 x 20 = WHOM
18 x 2 = IN THY POWER --- [Job 1:12]
About 160 more examples are shown at

Some of the topics covered in the book, Theomatics II, are:
The Theomatic Structure
Man Created in the Image of God
The Numbers of Satan
Understanding God and Interpreting the Bible
Theomatics and the Scientific Method
Moses and the Burning Bush
The 144 Thousands
The History of Bible Prophecy
Israel in Bible Prophecy
Is Jesus Coming back to Planet Earth?
The Great Tribulation
The Idea of an Antichrist
The Mark of the Beast
The Millennium
The Meaning of the Rapture
Information for Greek Scholars



The following arrangement of the books of the Bible comes from an article, The Original Bible Revealed!, by T. Oommen on his website, www.biblediscoveries.com/index.html. He said the article was based on a 1994 book, RESTORING THE ORIGINAL BIBLE, by Dr. Ernest L. Martin.

Panin's Bible Numerics, Washburn's Theomatics and Stan Tenon's Meru Foundation studies suggest that God's Word has been revealed to humanity with deep layers of meaning, which are all meant for our edification. Tenon and others have found that even the shapes of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet have meaning and that they're all based on a 3-dimensional torus pattern viewed from different angles. These are said to have positive effects on our consciousness. The number of letters in the alphabet has meaning and so does the number of book titles in the Bible.

The conventional Bibles have 66 books, which T. says was Satan's attempt to make it appear to be the work of man, as 6 is man's number. The proper number of books is 49, which is 7 x 7, seven being the number of God. Even the word "God" may not be the best word to use. The arrangement of the books of the Bible also has meaning, relating to the pattern of floor plan of the Temple and of the Ark of the Covenant. Jesus implied that he was the third Temple. The proper arrangement is listed below, which puts Jesus' Gospels in the proper central position.

I. THE LAW: The Pentateuch (Five Books of Moses)
---[5 books]
1. Genesis, 2. Exodus, 3. Leviticus, 4. Numbers, 5. Deuteronomy

---[6 books]
6. Joshua & Judges, 7. Samuel and Kings ('Books of the Kingdom'),
8. Isaiah, 9. Jeremiah, 10. Ezekiel, 11. The Twelve (Minor Prophets)

---[11 books]
12. Psalms, 13. Proverbs, 14. Job, 15. Song of Songs, 16. Ruth, 17. Lamentations, 18. Ecclesiastes, 19. Esther, 20. Daniel, 21. Ezra/Nehemiah, 22. Chronicles

The Gospels and Acts
---[5 books]
23. Matthew, 24. Mark, 25. Luke, 26. John, 27. Acts

---[7 books]
28. James, 29. 1 Peter, 30. 2 Peter, 31. 1 John, 32. 2 John, 33. 3 John, 34. Jude

---[14 books]
35. Romans, 36. 1 Corinthians, 37. 2 Corinthians, 38. Galatians, 39. Ephesians, 40. Philippians, 41. Colossians, 42. 1 Thessalonians, 43. 2 Thessalonians 44. Hebrews, 45. 1 Timothy, 46. 2 Timothy, 47. Titus, 48. Philemon

---[1 book]
49. Revelation



T. Oommen's website, www.biblediscoveries.com/index.html, has two sections dealing with "Creation Mysteries" and "Flood Mysteries." He shows that the six day creation described in Genesis does not say that the sun, stars, moon and planets, including earth, did not previously exist. They apparently did exist, but the earth was in darkness due to thick clouds all around the earth. God made winds to remove most of these clouds and he allowed the light then to appear.

Genesis does say, according to T., that God created life on earth in those 6 days, after separating the waters and making the dry land to appear from beneath the ocean. He says the Bible is definite in defining a day as a time of morning and evening like our present days. I think the earth's rotation, or day length, may have been a year long, if it only rotated once a year, similar to the way the moon rotates as it revolves around the earth. And the year may have been longer or shorter, if earth was a satellite of Saturn at that time.

T. says the dry land of the earth was all in one supercontinent surrounded by on vast ocean. The land of the continent was flat with ideal climate and lush vegetation and teeming with animals of all sizes, including the large mammals and dinosaurs. He says radiocarbon dating of thousands of fossils from around the world shows them all to be under 30,000 years old and he mentions that the dates actually are much younger than that, since the dating method is based on the assumption that radiocarbon levels in the air and oceans has been steady for millions of years. But the levels probably did change a great deal during the six day creation and during the flood. T. says the Septuagint version of the Bible has the proper age of creation as 7,000 years ago, instead of 6,000. But Ivan Panin found in using bible numerics that Jesus was born 3,999 years after Adam's creation. This means the creation of life was likely 6,000 years ago.

Here is a table showing proper calibration of radiocarbon-dated fossil ages.
True Age - Measured Age
1000 yrs. - 1155 yrs.
2000 yrs. - 2310 yrs.
3000 yrs. - 3500 yrs.
4000 yrs. - 4725 yrs.
5000 yrs. - 5990 yrs.
6000 yrs. - 12530 yrs.
6500 yrs. - 19100 yrs.
7000 yrs. - Infinite

The earth is thought by T. to be possibly millions or billions of years old, but Robert Gentry, a scientist in either physics or geology, found from studying radiohaloes of formerly radioactive inclusions in earth's basement granite rock, that the earth apparently solidified within a very short time, such as minutes or hours, instead of millions or billions of years. T. thinks the earth's sedimentary rock layers were all laid down in the great flood over a period of weeks or months, but he seems to be unaware of Gentry's findings re the deeper basement rock. So the entire earth may be only thousands of years old. I have an article somewhere that presents scientific evidence that the sun is also very young, though probably much older than the planets.

Immanuel Velikovsky's studies from the 1940s to 70s indicated that the planet Venus is only a few thousand years old and was incandescent, as hot as molten lava, when first seen by early man. Many independent scientists agree with those claims. Mainstream science first thought Venus would be very cold due to its thick cloud layer. But when a satellite was first sent to Venus and measured the temperature it found it to be over 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Carl Sagan then came up with the Venus runaway greenhouse theory to explain its high heat, but that theory is nonsense and the real cause of Venus' heat is its youth. All planets start out hot as they fissure from stars, according to astronomer and plasma physicist, Wal Thornhill. The greenhouse theory has been used to scare people into thinking the earth is heating up like Venus, due to industrialization effects of pollution etc. But the earth was much more polluted during the great flood and it caused cooling and even the ice age, not heating.

The lake of fire mentioned in Revelation, T. says, will be like that of the time of Noah, which caused the supercontinent to split up and the oceans to boil, making dense clouds of smoke and ash and water vapors, which fell as the rain. The lake of fire was massive volcanic eruptions with extensive lava flows. Much of the northwest U.S. was covered by thick layers of such lava. The volcanism and motions of the continents caused mountain ranges to form. But I agree with Thornhill and others, who say the flood likely came from an electrified vortex over the north pole that faced Saturn, when earth was one of its satellites. This vortex had taken much of the water from the earth to make the dry land during the six day creation. And at the time of the flood, Saturn exploded and moved to an orbit beyond Jupiter, leaving earth and much of the vortex behind. The vortex then collapsed, releasing the flood waters. Ancient rock art, pictographs, or petroglyphs, from around the world has been found by plasma physicist, Anthony Perratt, to be a consistent pattern showing what the north polar vortex looked like from different viewpoints and at different stages of development. The tower of Babel and many pyramids and structures may have been meant to replicate the vortex or to commemorate it.

The great flood set up tidal waves, which loosened the soil and sands of the earth and uprooted the vast forests, which were then laid down in layers, which became coal beds. T. said it's recently been found that coal can be formed from woodchips in a few hours under high heat and pressure. Soils and sands were also spread out in layers, sometimes over the layers of trees and hardened into sedimentary rock layers. Dead bodies of hordes of land and marine animals (including dinosaurs), as well as plants, were also heaped together by the tsunamis of the flood, like driftwood along the shore of a falling river. These transformed into fossils, which often show them to have been broken up and smashed.

Something T. hasn't discussed is how the dinosaurs were able to grow so large. In today's gravity no animal on land is able to grow larger than the largest elephant, because that's now the limit at which animal muscles can lift their own weight. As Thornhill and Ted Holden explain, earth's gravity was much weaker at that time, due to electrical effects from the nearness of Saturn. This is also why people were able to construct megalithic structures all over the earth, like pyramids and stonehenge etc. The stones weighed less than half of what they weigh now. People could lift larger objects and jump much higher in the weaker gravity. They could also grow larger. The great pyramid, by the way, was built for Christian prophecy, according to Larry Pahl and John Zajac et al.



The following lists of websites and topics are ones that I've studied and found interesting. I haven't attempted to study or list such things thoroughly. These sources don't say things that I always agree with, just many things that may prove useful. I apologize if any of the sites are no longer findable. I checked on most of them. After the list of websites is a list of topics. There's also a similar list on Health in the last chapter. Jesus showed that health is related to righteousness and faith.

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